2018 UIS China Trip

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Trip agenda and application

2018 Panda Trip Agenda

2018 Panda Trip Application

UIS is a Chinese based incubator/accelerator and venture capital fund. Founded in China in 2015, UIS recently opened its doors in Redwood City, California to help US-based startups interested in entering the Chinese market. Backed by local Chinese governments, we build ecosystem platforms to better support corporations, high-tech companies, startups, and VCs. In China, we have incubated over 1500 startups and counting, partnering with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon AWS, SAP and etc. We also offer support in terms of consulting, mentoring, as well as finding OEM & manufacturers and marketing assistance.

This year, UIS is going to present our second Panda Trip to China in July. The purpose of this trip is to introduce business founders and investors to experience China and its local cultures and environments. We have expanded the trip to 7 days to feature seminars, sightseeing,

networking events for identifying potential business partners, and opportunities to interact with pandas! We will go to cities include Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao and Chongqing. We hope that by the end of the Trip, our startup and venture capitalists companions will have gained: A deeper and down-to-earth understanding of the Chinese marketOpportunities to build business partnerships in China

Opportunities to build political relations in ChinaFinancing leads in ChinaTalent sourcing connectionsPotential limited partnersPotential SPV with government For more information about the Panda Trip, please see the attached PDF "Panda Trip."

Trip agenda and application

2018 Panda Trip Agenda

2018 Panda Trip Application

Panda Trip Details (Startups)

Panda Trip Details (VC)

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