2019 Innovation & Education Event

Nov 2, 2019, UIS host an event about Innovation and Education. The event invited entrepreneurs, executives, VC investors in Silicon Valley to share their experience about career development. So many students and employees of the high-tech and finance companies came and joint the event. Excellent panel and intense communication attracted the guests keep focusing on our platform.

During the panel I, we invited CEO of Sumang Liu, founder&parter of Yuhang Capital: Baylor Wei and President of LuxCreo US: Mike Yang. The topic is exploring to build the business in China., makes information and services easily accessible though voice, which is powered and founded by a talented group of researchers and engineers from Google Search, Apple Maps, as well as Cisco IoT. Their expertise combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge Graphs, Search, Robotics and Maps, to craft an advanced voice AI platforms operating on Deep Semantic Search.

LuxCreo brings 3D printing directly to mass manufacturing and customization, scaling beyond prototyping. Backed by KPCB, NLVC, Shunwei Capital, and other leading investors, LuxCreo's patented LEAP™(Light Enabled Additive Production) technology enables printing speeds 100x faster than traditional 3D printers, with material properties exceeding that of traditional mass manufacturing.

Yuhang Capital is a billion-level parent fund jointly initiated and marketed by 32 listed companies in China, focusing on biomedical, energy, TMT (technology, media and communications), real estate in four major areas. Mainly in the PE stage, the current investment strategy mainly starts from the C round of the project, and at the same time, it does listed and M&A project.

In the panel II, we invited two senior 'banker' who help to manage millions of assets in San Francisco Bay Area, one is vice president of Band of America, Private Bank: Ray and the another is manager of wealth management in Morgan Stanley: Ariel. They shared their precious experience from preparation for job hunting to career development.

After the event, UIS hosted a VIP reception, inviting our partners and friends to enjoy the halloween night. Manger of US, President of Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation, Chinese Marketing Manager of Facebook, Founder of EWI Funding, CFO of SWFT, President of Student Association in Business School of Stanford, President of BSCF and our speakers joint the reception. A great event to gather all elites, creating the new opportunity for the deeper communication and cooperation.

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