CES2020 in Las Vegas

The annual Consumer Electronics Show officially kicked off at the Las Vegas International Convention Center on January 7-10. CES started in 1967. As the first major exhibition in the science and technology field in 2020, CES is known as the industry vane, promoting cutting-edge electronic technology to connect closely with our modern life. According to statistics, 5,187 manufacturers attended this CES2020, increasing by 12%.


In this CES, UIS was invited to the CES2020 China Night on Jan 6, hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in the United States. Dignitaries of Nevada and California state, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), American Consumer Technology Association (CTA), representatives from China Mobile, Air China, DJI, BYD, BAIC Group, EY, etc. attended this event.

China Night aims to establish a high-level dialogue platform for cooperations between China and the United States in the field of electronic, helping Chinese enterprises to enhance their international image and expand brand influence. By demonstrating the mutually beneficial, we can maximize promoting the sustainable and healthy development of China-US economic and trade cooperation.


In CES2020, 5G, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things have become the main theme. Many well-known companies, like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Haier, Lenovo, Tesla, Intel, etc. participated in the exhibition.

With the advancement of technology, the trend of "Smart Connectivity" for smart home is more obvious coupled with 5G and AI enablement. Apple returns to CES with Home Kit after 27 years; Google, Amazon, and Baidu will still use smart speakers as the core to build a product matrix; Haier builds a smart home solution in all scenarios; Samsung launches bezel-free TVs and a new generation of Family Hub Smart refrigerators; Huawei exhibited the Mate X folding screen phone; Lenovo launched the world's first folding screen computer ThinkPadX1; TCL launched the next-generation Mini LED display technology-Vidrian Mini LED.

From the Internet of Everything to the smart home of Everything Connected to 5G ushering in a new era of information, technology has led life to be more convenient and beautiful.


On Jan 8, UIS host a VIP after party in Las Vegas. Over 30 corporate executives, industry leaders and investors joint this reception.

VP of CITICPE, CSO of LifeSmart, Head Self-Media Channel in Automotive and Tech, Co-founders of Vigo, Branch Chairman of North American Chinese Automotive Engineering Association, Founding Partner of Outpostvc, Founding Partner of Morning Bright, Partner of IW Ventures, CEO of SynoPay, President of ICN, BD director of Onepiece, CEO of Silicon Valley Future Academy, etc.

This reception aims to provide our guests an in-depth exchange platform. At the same time, UIS focused to show the development strategies and policy orientation of Sichuan Tianfu New Area, as well as providing all VIP guest effective and valuable networking opportunities. We look forward to helping enterprises build cooperative relationships and achieve rapid value-added and growth.

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