Columbia University Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

The Summit took place in New York on October 13, 2018. It was hosted by Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization, Columbia Business School, Columbia Economics, and Columbia University Youth Entrepreneur. More than 100 people from different innovation fields attended the event. United Innovation Services attended the Summit as a strategic partner, and Emma Yu, Director of Business Development of United Innovation Services North America Innovation Center, was invited to the Summit and delivered a keynote speech.

At the beginning of the Summit, Angela Lee from Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization delivered a speech. John Allen, President and CEO of Greater China Corporation and President of Spring Investment, shared the global investment philosophy combined with his 30 years of investment experience in North America and China. During the round table session, Ning Yang, CEO of LeBox Capital, President and CTO of KZ, and Lingxiao Yang, Partner and COO of Trade Terminal, discussed the current status and future of the blockchain.

Emma Yu, Director of Business Development of United Innovation Services North America Innovation Center, was invited to give a keynote speech to help the startup founders understand China's entrepreneurial environment and address the entrepreneurs’ concerns regarding entering Chinese market. She also talked about United Innovation Services’ incubating experience in China and other countries to guide startups to expand the global market from the aspects of science park operation, industrial investment, corporate ecology, industrial funds, cross-border cooperation and smart parks.

“United Innovation Services has held two consecutive China-US Artificial Intelligence Resource Matching Summits this year, inviting outstanding startups and investors in the field of artificial intelligence in North America to promote cooperation. We have achieved very good results in many cities. As the management operator of Chengdu Tianfu New Area North American Innovation Center and Qingdao-Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center International Incubator, United Innovation Services has developed well in North America and has provided the best entrepreneurial base for a large number of outstanding innovative talents. We introduce excellent projects, technical teams and high-end talents to enter China, and connect to various technologies, talents, markets, channels and other resources in North America, promoting the overseas development of local enterprises and providing comprehensive assistance for enterprises to enter the global market. Through such events, we hope to jointly integrate and attract resources such as talent, research and capital, and strive to create an innovative eco-industrial chain with global influence,” said Emma Yu, Director of Business Development of United Innovation Services North America Innovation Center.

It is acknowledged that as an important action to implement the national deployment of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the 13th Chunhui Cup Chinese Overseas Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition North America (New York Territory) Project Docking, High-level Talent Meeting and Awarding Ceremony was held in New York. With its rich global ecological resources and excellent services, United Innovation Services was awarded the Excellent Partnership Award.

"United Innovation Services is undergoing the reshaping of the global industrial chain and value chain. It has many domestic and international industrial chain ecological channel partner resources, including research institutes, well-known universities, Chinese and foreign leading enterprise innovation departments, industrial platforms, well-known industry associations, and quality accelerators/Incubators, tutors, investment institutions/investor banks, well-known industry communities, high-tech authoritative media, etc. We will make every effort to build an enterprise innovation ecosystem, connect the innovation and entrepreneurship globally, promote the comprehensive upgrading of innovation ecology, and drive regional industrial structure optimization in China and other countries.“ Emma Yu, Director of Business Development of United Innovation Services North America Innovation Center, introduced.

During the summit, 12 entrepreneurial projects from top universities such as Columbia University carried out roadshows covering the latest technologies and innovative business models, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, art, health, real estate, agriculture and other fields. Well-known institutions such as United Innovation Services, Fortune Capital, Zero2IPO Group, Eigen Capital, and LeBox Capital have commented on the roadshow projects. After the roadshow, the startup teams and the on-site angel investors, venture capitalists, and fund executives discuss the latest and future developments of global innovation and entrepreneurship.

The summit attracted many technical talents, scientific research talents and entrepreneurial talents who have lived in the United States for many years. The enterprises have expressed their passion about the domestic market, and hope to bring the enterprise into a new stage of development through a strong domestic market.

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