Pioneer Accelerator Demo Day (Spring Cohort)

On July 17th, The North American Innovation Center, operated by United Innovation Services co-hosted the Pioneer Accelerator Demo Day (Spring Cohort) with strategic partners GSVlabs. A diverse group of over 200 attendees joined the event ranging from IT executives, university scholars, and high-tech startups. With a total of 8 elite Startups involved in education, augmented reality, human resources, big data and artificial intelligence pitching their business through out the night.

During the opening speeches of the event, Director of International Operations of GSVlabs, Bobby Amiri promoted UIS’ Tianfu New Area North America Innovation Center’s cross-border program in partnership with GSVlabs. The Center focuses on information technology, life science, new energy / new material, AI, big data, IoT, modern services, and other industries, while providing both incubation and acceleration services including an incubator facility, professional mentors, angel and VC funds, technology transfer and market expansion. In addition to the startup incubation services, the Center will also run a cross-border program for both US and Chinese enterprises, helping business executives navigate legal, human resources and governmental regulations.

UIS was delighted to join forces with GSVlabs for the Pioneer Accelerator Demo Day. With the cross pollination of resources between GSVlabs and UIS’ North America Innovation Center, UIS bridges the gap between East and West.

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