Tech Night - VIP Party

To further strengthen the continued influence of Tianfu New Area in North America and attracting talents, United Innovation Services, US, hosted the VIP Party called as Tech Night on Nov 15, 2019 in San Mateo.

UISUS invited the general manager of ICBC North America, the president and BD manager of ICB, the deputy director of ChinaSF, Forbes 30 young talents & Co-founder of Vigo, the president and secretary of Sun Yat-Sen University Alumni Association, BD director of OnePiece, etc.

Before the dinner, the Co-founder of Vigo, Jason gave a speech about technology to the students from some universities in Silicon Valley who is going to hunt for a job. Sharing some personal experience in technical and open a business, Jason gave all students some insight in their career development. At this event, the project manager also shared the attendees with opening intern positions.

The opening remark was hosted by the general manager of UISUS. He showed the guests with our duty and function in US. As the oveseas station of Tianfu New Area, we're honor to invite people to visit to Sichuan. Also, we would like to support excellent projects and talents to move back to China and explore the new business opportunity.

The top theme of this Tech Night is cooperation and absorption of talents. At the moment of rapid development of technology, talents are premise to support the sustainable development of enterprises. Cooperation is to provide a steady stream of resources for enterprises and promote development.

As the North American Innovation Center of Tianfu New Area, UISUS will continue to play its role as a bridge and link various of resources in North America, bringing more quality projects and Talents back to Tianfu, China.

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