UIS July 2018 Panda Trip

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

This July, United Innovation Services (UIS) hosted the 2nd Panda Trip of 2018. The weeklong event brought together several startups, companies, investors as well as Chinese government state officials. All participants of the Panda Trip focused on the cross pollination of information and resources in the AI, big data and other various cutting edge industries between China and the rest of the world.

The trip visited multiple locations in China including Qingdao, where UIS has partnered with Amazon AWS to operate the Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center, in addition to Chongqing, and Chengdu; locations with technology parks and incubators operated by UIS.

Invited guests of the July Panda Trip included the likes of Tomasso Di Bartolo of Awsme Ventures, John Singleton of, Sabrina Yuan of SecuritAI, Rodrigo Streithorst of GOTIT, and Ricardo Geromel of StartSe who were all able to share their expert knowledge and insight in their respective industries.

Tommaso Di Bartolo, founder of Awesm Venture, talked about current trends in the AI industry and his perspective as an overseas investor. His belief is that with the development of modern society, newly developed technology; using electric cars and autonomous driving as examples pointing out how they will soon replace traditional industries. And in order to adapt to these changes, the ideas of an entrepreneur has to have a bigger and better picture, and need to break from tradition and start using technologies such as AI and big data to connect more effectively with others. Therefore, going global is the key to giving a company a competitive edge. By adapting to the ongoing change in trends and creating opportunities. The exact reason as to why Awesm Venture officially partnered with United Innovation Services to collaborate in aviation and ground transportation as well as AI technology together.

Ricardo Geromel, President of StartSe, who has also partnered with UIS, shared his experience of building a successful business and used it as a case study for Chinese AI entrepreneurs wanting to break into major oversea markets. Ricardo, holding the same belief as Tommaso, pointed out how technology is gradually becoming . Stating that “what we have done in the past 30 years many no longer exist in the next five years. Accountants may be replaced by AI robots; investment banks may be replaced by custom online quantitative models that everyone can have access with; healthcare centers may be replaced by online healthcare platforms that allow “mere mortals” to automatically access data, gain insights and take action using natural language.”

Speakers from other companies such as SecuritAI, Watchful and GotIt also shared their opinions on the latest trends of AI and high-tech industries, emphasizing on the significance of globalization.

The result of July’s UIS Panda Trip was the creation of the “Artificial Intelligence Global Innovation Acceleration Plan”. An initiative put in place by UIS, Fenox’s venture capital fund, Awesm Ventures and Brazil’s StartSe to introduce, nurture and intensively coach 100 domestic and foreign AI companies by 2025. Focused on the utilizing the advantages of cross-border flow of R&D, the Artificial Intelligence Global Innovation Acceleration Plan will boost the globalization of the AI industry.

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